Work-Life Balance is Possible at COMPASS

Seeking Licensed Counselors and Nurses

We need you; so does your family. That’s why we offer the flexibility you need to take care of the people who matter most to you. Getting to your child’s soccer game on time, spending Sunday relaxing with family, taking Mom to a medical appointment – those are the important things in life, and helping you be there for them is our priority.

As part of the COMPASS team, you’ll achieve the work-life balance you’ve been craving.  Not only that, but you’ll also have access to outstanding benefits and the opportunity to help others in the community live happier, more productive lives.

The COMPASS Advantage

Generous Paid Vacation, Holidays and Personal Days

Comprehensive Insurance

Including health, vision, dental, & prescription drug.

Short-Term and Long-term Disability

Life Insurance and AD&D Coverage


Employee Assistance Program

Professional Development Support

Opportunities for Advancement

A Supportive, Family-Oriented Environment

Helping the Community and Each Other

We help to support each other personally and professionally.

We help each other live a life of purpose and reward.

We help each overcome day to day challenges.

We help to motivate each other to reach our personal best.

Employee Testimonials

I found that not only did the people we serve need me, I needed them.
Working here at COMPASS Family AND Community Services I feel a part of something bigger.

- Latonia Pearson

Working at COMPASS is like having a job that isn’t work. It is a work setting that I look forward to coming to every shift, and enjoy being there.
This by far is the most fulfilling work I have done.

- Diana Beckett

I take pride in being a COMPASS employee.   I love having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.  

- Lorie Brackbill

It is gratifying to see someone succeed and know that we had a piece of their success, no matter how big or how small.

- Theresa Berkenyi

Knowing that I can make a difference in their life every day by being here, being the smile they need that day, the ear they need to vent to that day, or just being here in general means so much to me.

- Bobbi Mitchell

COMPASS has been for me the first job that I have felt truly supported, professionally, academically, and personally.

- Rachel Scacchetti

Being part of this team makes me feel:
Confident—about what can be achieved
Optimistic—that for some there is light at the end of the journey
Motivated—to think outside the box
Passionate—about helping others
Animate—to be able to bring laughter to those having a bad day
Supported—knowing someone ‘s got my back
Selflessness—knowing that working together we can help to change lives

- Bendetta Quick-Lee

I LOVE helping others and every day is a new opportunity.

 - Linda Turnage

It is very rewarding to be able to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

- Edgar Manning

I know that each day is going to be entirely different from the last.

- Larry Tepe

This is not a job, it is a MISSION.

- Christine Chrestay

It has really been an exciting change to enjoy coming into work.

- Trista Meade

Working at COMPASS gives me a sense of pride. When you have a job you love it never seems like work.     

- Mariella Smith

I love being able to help individuals and make a difference in their lives!

 - Danita Logan

It’s not about where you work, it’s about who you work with.

- Katina Hetrick

I have been working for COMPASS for 18 years and no two days are the same. 

- Audrey Walker

To know that people rely on the work I do, to live a more productive life, is rewarding in itself. 

- Latya Reed

Working at COMPASS for the last several decades has been very personally rewarding to me. I am doing something worthwhile.

- Ron Kerr

Working at COMPASS is like working with a large family who cares.

- Crystal Szymanski

It’s a rough business but we look out for one another. We grieve together. We comfort one another. We encourage our co-workers. We celebrate together. We check on each other. Our Program Directors look out for us. We are a TEAM. It might get rough but you are not alone. Through our spiritual foundations, our sense of humor, and our shared mission we work together through some incredibly difficult situations.

- Lorie Taylor

I LOVE working here! I have seen many instances of caring that I have never seen anywhere else!

- Brankica Podravac

A client given hope is a great feeling. The smiles are gratifying.

- Toni Heard

I am able to think outside the box and do exciting things to motivate clients. I doubt I could ever find a job where I can laugh, be creative and make lasting connections with people like I can at COMPASS.

- Susan Burnett

Having easy and frequent access to staff at all levels of the agency (leadership) is very helpful.  I actually enjoy getting up and coming to work, and I look forward to helping individuals and families build better lives and a stronger community!

- Terra Howell-Muth

I can’t imagine impacting our community with any other team!

- Trish Taylor

With our team’s vast experience, various expertise and overwhelming compassion, we serve the community with pride and the ever-present belief in making a positive impact on every life we touch.

- Michele Vrable

I believe in what we do.  I am proud to say I’ve been a staff member for over 30 years!

- Sue Sefcik

I love the atmosphere here. The work itself is challenging, rewarding and different every day. No chance of ever being bored!

- Susan Wojnar

It has been the driving force for me to go back to school to earn my degree, and grow with this agency.

- Jacqueline Hughley

My life has been enriched with joy.

- Jonetta Bonner

Working at COMPASS has opened my eyes to the strength in our community.  I am given the privilege of helping to empower individuals, walk with them through some of their darkest days, and then see them successfully move past their darkness into their own bright future. 

- Megan Tepe

I like the feeling I get when I know I just helped somebody in need.

- Mike Essad

It’s a great agency that’s changes lives!!

 - Ron Ross

I feel as if I've joined a family of the most caring, selfless, hardworking, empathetic, team-oriented individuals. I couldn't ask for a better place of employment. 

- Sharon Grandberry

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