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Community Solutions: Drug & Alcohol Prevention, Intervention, Counseling and Treatment

Community Solutions strives to partner with individuals, families, and organizations for the purpose of developing knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make positive life choices. Community Solutions provides high-quality drug and alcohol Prevention, Intervention, Counseling and Treatment designed to strengthen and improve the well-being of children, families, and the community.

Counseling & Treatment

Services are on an outpatient basis, and include:

  • Addiction Medicine – Consultation services by a physician with specialized training in addiction and recovery.
  • Adolescent Services – Individual counseling sessions designed for teens who have experienced negative consequences due to a pattern of substance abuse.
  • Adult Services – Continuing care/aftercare programs for clients who have completed a Primary Care Program.
  • Drug Court Program – Provides individual and group treatment services, as well as psycho-education, case management, random urine screening, problem-solving groups, and psychological or psychiatric consultation.
  • Dual Diagnosis Program – For individuals with a substance use disorder compounded by another mental health diagnosis.
  • Individual Counseling – Includes traditional outpatient treatment with case management services and random urine screening.
  • Medically Assisted Treatment by Meridian HealthCare – Meridian HealthCare offers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for individuals addicted to opioids such as heroin, morphine or prescription medications.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program – An outpatient treatment program, consisting of traditional group therapy, individual sessions, case management, and random drug screening.
  • Psycho-Educational Services – Individuals who are not seen as being substance dependent, but rather are engaged in a pattern of behavior that includes abuse of a substance.
  • Women’s Program (WIN) – Focuses on the needs of women in treatment. WIN offers a support group that addresses alcohol/drug use, codependency, victim issues, etc.
  • Psychiatric/Medical/Somatic Services – For individuals with a substance abuse and mental health disorder (dual diagnosis) that requires psychotropic medication management. Services include psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and nursing services through referral to a psychiatrist whose practice includes addiction.

Prevention Services:

Help for Families:

Parent Education & Strengthening Families Services with the goal of preventing substance abuse in youth, as well as alcohol, tobacco, and drug education services.

Youth Intervention Programs:

  • Family Court Referral Program – Designed to educate teens with first-time nonviolent drug and alcohol offenses as a diversion from Juvenile Court.
  • School Referral Program – A resource for school officials when encountering students who violate school policy related to alcohol or drug use.

Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Diversion Programs:

  • Screening for usage
  • Assessment
  • Placement in diversion program appropriate to level of care
  • Referral services to other community support programs

Workplace & Community:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and drug education workshops
  • Management training and workplace seminars
  • School-based prevention education programs, including:
    • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention education
    • Bullying, developmental assets, and life skills education
    • Consultation to schools regarding substance abuse issues
    • Youth-led peer prevention programs
    • Project KIND – An evidence-based social emotional learning curriculum for kindergarten students
    • Project KIND Teacher Professional Development – For kindergarten teachers and guidance staff to build capacity to teach social skills through the Project KIND curriculum

Intervention Services

Substance Use Issues

  • Outpatient treatment for alcohol and other substance use issues.
  • Integrated treatment for those with co-occurring disorders – We meet with you to assess your individual needs and ensure you are treated by the most appropriate provider of services.
  • Breaking the Connection (BTC) – A closed group series offered to adolescents as a sanction for violating the terms of probation through an alcohol or drug-related infraction.
  • Making Choices – A diversion program offered to individuals who have received first-time alcohol or drug offense as an adult (ages 18–25) that provides tools for self-assessment and education regarding social use, abuse, dependency, and the impact of choices made past, present, and future.
  • Violence Intervention Services for men and women – Assessment and treatment services that include a 26-week Batterers Intervention Program in cooperation with Warren Municipal Court’s Special Docket for Domestic Violence, as well as screening, assessment, and education for clients referred for assaultive and other disruptive behavioral problems. Programs increase awareness of attitudes of power and control, the actual interpersonal consequences of such angry expression, and demonstrate the advantages of altering the abusive pattern to get needs met.

A program of Compass Family & Community Services

Comprehensive Assistance Program for Employees (CAPE)

CAPE provides confidential assessment, brief intervention services, and referrals if needed. Its purpose is to ensure the health and well-being of employees and their families, and to promote an efficient, healthy, and safe work environment.

Services include:

  • Workplace seminars and wellness programs
  • Violence in the workplace prevention and training
  • Cultural sensitivity training
  • Compliance with government mandates, such as drug-free workplace
  • Assessment, referral, and follow-up
  • Management training and consulting
  • Critical incident stress debriefing
  • Brief problem resolution

Benefits of CAPE

  • An employee assistance program is an integrated system of services that provides professional assistance to management, unions, employees, and their families. CAPE can be an effective tool in retaining valued employees and in developing your company’s human potential.
  • Encourages employees to seek assistance before problems affect their lives and work.
  • Provides a tool for management and union personnel to assist the troubled employee.
  • Offers professional services for virtually all human concerns.
  • Assures confidential access to services for employees and their families.
  • Ensures easy access to services and no “waiting lists.”
  • Uses cost-effective assessment and brief problem-solving approaches.
  • Applies appropriate and effective use of the network of community resources.

Violence Intervention & Prevention Services

Provide comprehensive services to the community to aid individuals and families in maintaining a nonviolent lifestyle.

Programs Include:

  • Anger Management – Services for men to explore triggers and learn how to effectively handle anger.
  • Women Who Use Force – A service specifically geared toward educating and helping women handle the unique dynamics that may cause them to be abusive, as well as the effects of abuse and trauma.
  • Safe Program – A program specifically geared toward men who are first-time offenders of domestic violence, helping them to identify, explore, and develop skills to create healthier relationships.
  • Batterer’s Intervention Program – Helps abusers identify different forms of violent behavior, educates them on the effects of their violence on the victim, and increases the recognition and ability to take responsibility for their own actions.

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