Administrative Office:

535 Marmion Avenue
Youngstown, OH 44502
Phone: (330) 782-5664

Fiscal Office:

320 High Street
Warren, OH 44481
Phone: (330) 394-9090


Program Descriptions and Contact Information


Residential Services:

Daybreak Youth Crisis Shelter
A 10-bed residential crisis shelter for youth 11 to 18 years of age, primarily serving Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana Counties. It is the only shelter serving these counties, and one of just 11 shelters in the state of Ohio.

Contact: Jan Baharis at (330) 782-2397 or email her.

Sojourner House Domestic Violence Shelter
Provides a comprehensive program of crisis intervention, counseling, judicial advocacy, and shelter for victims of domestic violence in Mahoning County. Sojourner House is the only comprehensive emergency shelter program in Mahoning County.

Contact: Malinda Gavins at (330) 747-4040, 24-hour Crisis Line at 1 (866) 436-6269 or email her.


Behavioral Health Residential Services
Providing affordable, high-quality housing to individuals with serious mental disorders. Housing facilities include: The Doris Burdman Home (Residential Treatment Center in Mahoning County), Riverbend Center (Crisis Stabilization Unit in Trumbull County), and four Independent Housing Units (three in Mahoning County and one in Trumbull County).

Contact: Eric Ritz at (330) 743-9275 or email him.

  • The Doris Burdman Home – Residential Treatment Center
    Provides a safe, supervised, and supportive environment where individuals work toward achieving specific personal goals through intensive collaboration with community treatment providers. DBH serves persons from Mahoning County who require an intermediate length of stay in a supervised but non-clinical setting, and who need to accomplish specific goals in order to move to a less supervised environment. These persons must enter the facility voluntarily, must be medically stable, and must not present a significant risk to themselves or others.Contact: Susan Burnett at (330) 743-9275 or email her.
  • Riverbend Center Crisis Stabilization Unit 
    Provides a short-term, residential intervention to stabilize acute psychiatric or behavioral symptoms, and to develop plans to meet the post-discharge needs of persons served. When possible, Riverbend is used as a pre-emptive measure to avoid unnecessary hospitalization.Contact: Rose Rotan at (330) 898-6992 or email her.


Workforce Development & Financial Stability:

The Center for Workforce Development

Its services are designed to maximize employability skills and access to community employment for individuals with disabilities and individuals with socio-economic challenges. Assistance is provided to low-wage earning individuals to retain employment and develop career ladder opportunities.

Contact: Mahoning Valley – Diane DeJulio at (330) 480-4384 or email her. Trumbull County – Joyce Loychik at (330) 480-4384 or email her.

Financial Education Services

Provides residents of Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana Counties with financial/credit counseling, education, pre- and post-bankruptcy counseling, help in resolving credit, debt and housing issues (mortgage and rentals), first-time homebuyer workshops, and various community financial education programs.

Contact: Myra Allison at (330) 782-5664 or email her.


Outpatient Services:

The Rape Crisis and Counseling Center
It has been dedicated to healing the hearts and minds of survivors of sexual assault in Mahoning County since 1974. It is the only comprehensive rape crisis program of its kind in Mahoning County. The program supports survivors, their loved ones, and the community with a multitude of services designed to strengthen lives.

Contact: Dawn Powell at (330) 782-5664, 24-hour Crisis Line at (330) 782-3936, or email her.

The Guardianship for Seniors Program
Provides assessment services and guardianship for Mahoning County adults, 55 or older, considered being at risk for neglect, abuse or exploitation. It is the only program of its kind in Mahoning County.

Contact: Sande Miller at (330) 782-5664 or email her.

Ryan White Medical Case Management
Provides support, information, referral, and linkage to community services to persons in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, and Jefferson counties diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. These services are the only of its kind in a four-county area.

Contact: Sande Miller at (330) 782-5664 or email her.

Compass Counseling Services
Provides family, group, individual, marital counseling, and community support services to persons in Mahoning, Trumbull, & Columbiana Counties with problems in family and marriage relationships, school, personality adjustment, unmarried parenthood, mental health concerns, domestic violence, and other life crises. Psychiatric services are also available.

Contact: Michele Vrable at (330) 782-5664 or email her.

Community Solutions
Striving to partner with individuals, families, and organizations for the purpose of developing knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make positive life choices. Community Solutions provides high-quality drug and alcohol Prevention, Intervention, Counseling, and Treatment designed to strengthen and improve the well-being of children, families, and the community.

Contact: Linda Emmerich at (330) 394-9090 or email her.

Intensive Community Treatment Team
Providing more intensive community support and services to Trumbull County residents with severe and persistent mental illness. The Team assists consumers with improving their understanding of behaviors and/or lifestyle changes, enabling them to live more successfully in the least restrictive environment. Services include psychiatric sessions with a doctor, medication management through nursing staff, case management and counseling services.

Contact: Barb Bennett at (330) 393-0598 or email her.